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East Africa Infrastructure Services Limited (EAISL) is a limited company that was established with an intention of carrying out quality electrical & IT installations. The key activities of the company are meant to initially be carried out in Kenya with a long term focus on East Africa, as the name suggests, and eventually engage internationally.

Currently EAISL is carrying out sizeable projects in Kenya. Besides provision of the above services the company also carries out sourcing of IT equipment, solar panels and electrical equipment. We deal with a variety of clientele ranging from industrial to corporate.

To deliver the most complete, competitive commercial and technical solutions in renewable energy, Electrical installation, Information Technology installation and security system.

At EAISL, Our company priorities and culture are built on simple foundations, which is by providing quality products and services designed to reliably operate efficiently in real world applications.
Every EAISL employee is committed to delivering value to our customers.

Core Values
1. We value integrity – our work shall be our bond.
2. Professionalism – highly regarded professionalism in our dealings.
3. Service – we give our customers undivided attention while we server and give, provide professional advice to them on the best options to take, however, the decision lies with the customers.
4. We value heart centered, honest collaborative process that leads to a win-win situation for both partners

EAISL comprises of professional electrical Engineers, IT Technicians and Financial managers with a wealth of experience and expertise in their core areas of operations.
Most of our staff have a long standing and vast experience in carrying out major tasks in their respective are of jurisdiction. EAISL having been registered by NCA as a contractor committed in the enhancement of human resource training to keep up with the latest technologies thus enhancing quality of work undertaken.
To enhance safety in line with the government strict policy the company is taking staff OSHA training.

Administration Staff
Our entire project engineering teams are university graduates with outstanding work experience with various contracting companies. Project supervisors are higher diploma holders in engineering with several other qualified technicians.

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