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A Message from the Director
The global standing for acting safely and responsibly is critical to running a successful and growing business that generates value for all our stakeholders. This reputation stems from our core Vision and Values, which define who we are and underpin everything we do.

These values are expressed through the guiding principles and standards of conduct set out in our Global Code of Conduct. They define the way we manage the economic, social and environmental challenges of our operations and are important in fulfilling our commitment to contribute to the safe and sustainable development of the built environment.

People will judge us by our actions and not simply the good intentions of our words. The behavior of each and every one of us will influence how well we perform and how the world views EAISL. The new Global Code of Conduct will guide our behavior in this regard to create a success that we can all be proud to share and one that further enhances our reputation.

By working according to our values and complying with the standards set out in the Code we will sustain long term business success by encouraging more ethical and effective relationships and stimulating deeper contributions in the communities where we operate.

Please take the time to read and understand the Code and use it as a continual reference in your work.

Ketan Patel
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