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Structured cabling
EAISL provides a value added supply installation and maintenance of computer network technology equipment and cabling solutions in Kenya. We can provide extensive network design installation solutions on single buildings as well as distributed production sites, using a variety of quality products and services which we supply and install promptly and accurately.

Our systems comply with all the Kenyan’s and international cabling standards. We supply install and maintain end to end networking solutions in Kenya, EAISL is a Molex authorized installer authorized to design and install Molex structured cabling systems.

WI-FI Technology

We also offer wireless access points installation services. This ia a device that allows wireless devices to be connected to a wired network using WIFI or related standards. The access points usually connects to as router (via a network) if it’s a stand-alone device or is part of a router itself. This is useful in many businesses to supply internet to customers and employees.

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