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EAISL understands that renewable energy sources are an essential element of global power strategies for the 21st century and beyond. While renewables cannot meet all our electricity needs in this century, there is clear potential for dynamic growth from today’s usage levels.

EAISL delivers comprehensive wind and solar services from inception to completion through our program management and technical services. Our broad range of project management services, coupled with our technical resources, allows us to thoroughly plan, develop and execute environmental and permitting, engineering/design, procurement, construction and commissioning.

Our program/construction management services provide the project controls clients require to manage their projects and provide banking and financing partners the information needed to track the project’s status. These project controls include project scheduling, estimating, cost control, document control, risk management, compliance management, forecasting, asset management and owner’s engineering services.

We help developers and end users evaluate wind and solar energy options, navigate regulatory environments and implement wind and solar strategies from buildings and facilities to large scale utility size wind and solar fields built to deliver energy to thousands of homes and businesses.

Incorporating renewable energy not only supports the power industry’s environmental goals, but also addresses national needs for energy security and independence.

EAISL is committed to providing a flexible portfolio of reliable, competitive technologies to capture their energy of the wind and sun.

Solar Power
Leveraging our extensive knowledge of power plant process system design, EAISL designs and constructs solar thermal power projects to allow the equipment to be quickly and reliably started while minimizing thermal stress on the system components.

EAISL experience in harnessing wind to generate electricity, along with EAISL ability to provide wind turbines, heavy steel structures, and other critical supply chain elements to complex locations, for both offshore and onshore farms, provides clients with the certainty needed to ensure projects are properly connected to the grid and maintain full production

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