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EAISL specializes in CCTV installation from affordable small businesses (Office Solution, Analogue cameras to large scale high definition camera application) Our expertise focus on combined CCTV services, for example combining both CCTV and access control, this enables us to deliver the right combination of products and services to maximize your security.

Access Control
EAISL design and install a system where you can determine automatically who is where, when and under what conditions. It also minimizes the risk factor whereby dangerous situations of fraud and theft may occur.

Intruded alarm system
we also specialize in intrusion detection protection system that helps ensure that your property, assets and people are protected 24 hours a day from threats. Our system provides a crucial deterrent to criminals and a fast response when required. The systems are designer for your specific business needs which can be integrated with current systems, giving you the flexibility to enable secure hours working deliveries as well as the capacity to manage people movement in one building or a number of locations through a single interface.

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